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Over the years that we have been developing custom software for the logistics world, we have seen that forwarders use many point solutions (sales, accountancy, operations,…) while customers are becoming much more demanding. This immediately translates into lower operating returns.

  1. Cloud based application

    Since good forwarders are rare today, we believe that administration should not be an extra effort. The creativity to offer the right solutions to customers is. That is why we have developed software with a very strong file management. (everything from sales to operational file to invoice)

  2. Helping customers more quickly

    From our entrepreneurial point of view, we see a highly competitive market where customer demands are increasing and the challenge is to make more volume and more profit while keeping more customers satisfied.

  3. More information

    This cloud-based software helps to automate the workflow and thereby bring efficiency and flexibility to the way a file is handled. The use of forDesk facilitates data transit and simplifies the entire process from quotation to operational file to invoice. We also integrate with so-called third parties, such as Remant, Portmade, INTTRA, NxtPort,.. and your own accounting package. forDesk is a scalable solution that allows you to pay according to the usage. Our formula is per user per month. As a result, no major upfront investments and no unexpected costs after implementation.

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    Our mission is to be the trusted innovator of the logistics world. We want to unleash a digital revolution in which we help our customers grow to the next level by deploying the right technical solutions. Throughout the years that we have developed custom software for the logistics world, we have seen a sector that is increasingly digitizing due to the demanding nature of their customers.


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