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Of course we would like to get to know you first. After all, when we enter into a partnership, it is important that both parties trust each other. Every detail of your project is discussed so that no one can be surprised. That is why we like to work as transparently as possible with a no-nonsense culture so that we can deliver the highest quality. Every detail of your project is handled with full attention by our developers. They monitor everything, remain closely connected so that this results in the desired result, according to your expectations.

Question from customer

Diflexmo initially receives a question from the customer.


Based on this question, Diflexmo conducts an analysis to see how we can help.


Based on this analysis, Diflexmo will prepare a quotation for the customer.

Quotation approval

This quotation must be approved by the customer.

Close follow-up

During development, the customer can see and follow up the status of the project at any time.


In this phase, the customer can fully test the solution and request adjustments if necessary.


After the test phase, everything is delivered to the customer.

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    Our mission is to be the trusted innovator of the logistics world. We want to unleash a digital revolution in which we help our customers grow to the next level by deploying the right technical solutions. Throughout the years that we have developed custom software for the logistics world, we have seen a sector that is increasingly digitizing due to the demanding nature of their customers.


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